Common styles of disposable lab coat Mar 17, 2023

Lab coats are a key element of personal protective equipment (PPE). They are not only of vital importance in the health sector, but also in the food , industry, beauty, etc.


Some Reasons To Use Disposable Lab Coats 

1. Cleanliness

Disposable Lab Coats help maintain a clean environment without relying on industrial cleaning equipment or expecting staff to disinfect their reusable scrubs adequately. By discarding medical wear after a shift or operation, the risk of contamination can be reduced.


2. Reliable quality

Reusable Lab Coats will wear down over time due to repeated use, handling, laundering, and transporting. When you use disposable options, you have fresh, high quality Coats every time.


3. Comparable cost

The price of disposable apparel is comparable to reusable products and sometimes less expensive. The reason for the less expensive cost is that disposable material can be manufactured at a very low price.


4. High levels of comfort

Softness and breathability levels of Disposable Lab Coats are comparable to reusable products.


Here are several common styles of lab coat:
1. Disposable polypropylene lab coats with a turndown collar, elastic cuff and velcro closure.
2. Disposable PP Lab Coat with elastic cuff and zipper closure
3. Non-woven single-use SMS lab coat with  a quick-release snap front and knitted cuffs.
knitted collar lab coat



We produce all the above styles of lab coat and also support OEM. If you need these products, please contact us.

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