Something You Need to Know About Disposable Shoe Covers Nov 17, 2022

Disposable shoe covers fall under the category of PPE or personal protective equipment. The World Health Organization states that using personal protective equipment provides a physical barrier between micro-organisms and the wearer. It offers protection by helping prevent microorganisms from contaminating hands, eyes, clothing, hair, and shoes. PPE also helps prevent micro-organisms from being transmitted to other patients and staff. 

A great variety of scenarios have different requirements. Shoe covers worn by realtors when showing a home can be very different than protective coverings worn by doctors in the operating room.  When selecting disposable shoe covers there are several material options available to choose.

LDPE shoe cover is short for shoe cover made of low-density polyethylene.

HDPE shoe cover is short for overshoes made of high-density polyethylene. Generally they are called disposable poly shoecover, or simply PE shoe cover.

CPE shoe cover, made of chlorinated polyethylene, is good in quality with embossed surface.

PP shoe cover is made from spun-bonded polypropylene non-woven fabric.  

PP shoe cover is also semi-coated with CPE which is called PP+CPE shoe covers.

Non-skid shoe covers ensure traction and reduce slips and falls caused by slick floors.

For the most part, disposable shoe covers come in one size fits all. 

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